Preparation for the CPA Canada CFE, step by step Nexam is the bilingual platform that is the most adapted for accounting exams

Exam session planning

In class or remotely, schedule exam periods based on case study testing duration, proctoring needs, and individual accommodations. Registered candidates are then assigned to sessions and will have access to the exam at the agreed-upon time.


Your case studies, including multi-level correction grids, are integrated on Nexam to allow test taking, correction, and feedback in a 100% digital format.

Invitation to candidates and graders

Registered candidates and authorized graders are invited by email to activate their Nexam accounts. Candidates can access a practice simulation to familiarize themselves with the test-taking environment.


Graders will only have access to the exams assigned to them. An anonymous correction mode can be activated to eliminate any possible bias. Different training courses are offered; ask our team for more information!

Testing Simulation

Nexam offers candidates a 100% online test-taking environment without any downloading, including text editing tools and access to spreadsheets. During the CFE, candidates have access to limited resources such as the CPA Canada Handbook, the Income Tax Act, and the formula for calculating the present value of tax savings… All tools are accessible in Nexam!


Nexam supports solving multiple case studies by providing a role-specific writing context for days 1, 2, and 3 of the exam. A timer starts when the exam begins and tells candidates how much time is left, allowing for better time management.


Recurrent and repetitive, grading can become a very intellectual ordeal. Take advantage of the correction grids adapted to the assessment opportunities (AOs) and the different competency levels suggested by CPA Canada.

Simplified results analysis

Download a summary of comments and results before the grades are published. To ensure the integrity of the process, validate the surveillance videos and similarity scores with the answer key.



Nexam offers concrete tools for enhanced feedback: in-text annotation, jury tips, personalized comments, performance by competency, etc. The writing can be downloaded in PDF format upon publication of the corrected exams or viewed directly on Nexam.

Efficient annotation and feedback tools

Provide your candidates with personalized feedback in a much shorter timeframe.

WE HAVE A PARTNERSHIP WITH The ULaval FSA Accounting School Since 2019

The Faculty of Business Administration at the University of Laval ranks among Canada’s most dynamic and innovative faculties and management schools and is recognized worldwide for its techno-pedagogy.

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  • To adopt an in-class or remote exam writing tool
  • To support a hundred exam writings simultaneously
  • To manage student accommodation needs
  • To centralize copies for easy management
  • To correct anonymously
  • To compile results automatically

Results obtained

  • Allows teachers to free up grading time to help more students in class
  • Increases corrector retention
  • Contributes to the professional examination pass rate

Testimonial from a former student and grader

While preparing for the CFE, I had the opportunity to do my simulations with the help of the Nexam platform. It is a constantly improving platform to meet students’ needs in the best way possible. Because of this platform, we could even simulate our exams during a pandemic.  Technical support is always available if there is a problem, which I greatly appreciate.

– Océanne Guyon, candidate for the practice of the CPA profession


The program manager reports that:

The graders are also delighted with the Nexam experience. It helps me with recruitment. Here, by the way, is a message from a Day 1 grader (they are rare and hard to come by):

“I just wanted to thank you for the summer session; you have an excellent correction tool.”

WE MET THE NEEDS OF Mallette S.E.N.C.R.L. Since 2019

The Mallette Professional Services Firm has over 1,200 employees in 33 offices working in various fields of professional expertise, including certification, taxation, advisory services, actuarial services, and trustees and managers.

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Mallette S.E.N.C.R.L. welcomes about forty interns in its offices annually. The firm wanted to use the accounting module of the Nexam application to centralize all of the Common Final Examination (CFE) practice exams conducted as part of the coaching offered by the company.

Main objectives

  • To assist candidates in the profession in their preparation for the CFE
  • To involve Mallette employees as graders for the case correction
  • To integrate new content on the Nexam platform
  • To establish a writing schedule that ensures all candidates can participate
  • To organize a training session for graders

Customer testimonial

Thank you for equipping our interns across the province so well for their CFE preparation. I am convinced that Nexam made a difference when they took their exams. We were very satisfied with the use of the platform, and our interns greatly appreciated the experience!

DISCOVER THE FEATURES ADAPTED TO YOUR NEEDS Use Nexam to prepare your candidates for the profession

  1. 01 Suitable for the CFE Day 1, 2 and 3 practices

  2. 02 Quizzes by area of theoretical competence

  3. 03 Timed environment

  4. 04 Correction by Assessment Opportunity (AO)

  5. 05 Customized feedback zone

  6. 06 Adjustable security settings

  7. 07 Correction according to the candidate’s role

  8. 08 Accommodation management

  9. 09 And much more…