So much more than an examination platform A 360° solution for the student evaluation process

Limit cases of plagiarism or cheating

Whether exams are administered in the classroom or remotely, the monitoring mechanisms available on Nexam ensure the integrity of the process.

Similarity scores, non-compliant video recordings, and detected anomalies can be exported and documented.

Management of student needs and accommodations

Nexam presents itself as an inclusive digital solution. Not being a lockdown browser, most of the virtual tools for helping to ensure academic success work on the online exam platform.

Nexam also allows for simple, flexible, and efficient management of individual accommodations to provide an equal opportunity for academic success.

Optimization of the grading process

Centralizing exams in one place, collaborative grading, and automatic results compilation are examples of features that optimize the grading and feedback process.

For teachers, having fewer manual repetitive coordination tasks means more time to teach!

Respect for students

Your students are aware of the importance of being a responsible digital citizen and they expect the same from their educational institution.

For this reason, Nexam does not lock down students’ computers like the lockdown browser and instead offers a dissuasive rather than restrictive approach. Students must agree to an integrity statement before beginning the exam.

We conducted a pilot project with Antoine-Brossard High School June 2022

Antoine-Brossard High School offers a Media ICT program. This program is geared towards students interested in developing their skills in using ICT (information and communication technologies) by integrating them into their studies. In this context, a History of Quebec and Canada exam for Secondary 4 was prepared online on the Nexam evaluation platform.

Exam types

  • Short-answer questions
  • Single-answer questions
  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Table completion
  • Documentation folder displayed in the right window


  • To enable students to develop their skills in using information and communication technologies.
  • To reduce correction time for the teacher.
  • To detect plagiarism or cheating during online exams.

To learn how Nexam can help you

  • A simple and intuitive interface, easy to understand!
  • An excellent experience; it is convenient as a means of evaluation.
  • User-friendly and intuitive!
  • A very modern “exam.”

A teacher's testimonial

As a high school history teacher, Nexam allowed me to grade final exams much faster. I’m more efficient! Gone are the days when I must calculate the final evaluation grades myself. With Nexam, this is automatic. No more having to return the exam papers to be corrected. Online, it’s all taken care of! I won’t even mention the transportation of copies between school and home. Everything is online. All you need is an internet connection, and it’s all done. Thanks to Nexam, the exam is secure. This dramatically reduces plagiarism.

Discover A wide range of question formats compatible with Nexam

  1. 01 Single answer

  2. 02 Multiple choice

  3. 03 True or False

  4. 04 Short answer

  5. 05 Essay

  6. 06 Case studies

  7. 07 Table completion

  8. 08 Spreadsheets

  9. 09 Document attachments

  10. 10 Video responses

  11. 11 And even more…