Nexam is firmly committed to equality, mutual respect, and diversity in all its forms.

We recognize that equity, diversity, and inclusion foster innovation, creativity, and productivity within organizations. Our commitment goes beyond business performance and aims to increase our positive impact on society.

Our commitment

At Nexam, we are committed to:

  • Not tolerate any form of discrimination within the organization;
  • Offer equal employment opportunities to all, without discrimination based on age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, religion, citizenship, marital status, family status, country of origin, or any other factor;
  • Create a safe workplace where everyone is treated with compassion and respect; To foster a healthy, stimulating, and secure climate;
  • Provide a flexible and modern remote work environment to facilitate work-life-study balance;
  • Offer a team-based work environment and work-life balance;
  • Take appropriate disciplinary action against employees who exhibit discriminatory behavior.

Nexam team