What Nexam users are saying

Testimonial from the Ordre des géologues du Québec

“The Nexam platform is easy to use and provides flexibility on the exam site. Our test-takers liked the fact that the camera’s display was discreet. They could easily move from one question to another without losing the flow of the exam. For the examiners, grading is easily accessible and can be done from anywhere. Overall, we appreciated the attentiveness and guidance that we received, an excellent service.”

Gilles A. Kamta Fotio, géo., MSc, MBA - Chargé d’affaires professionnelles

Testimonial from a professor

“We would like to take a few minutes to thank Nexam for this exceptional service which provides a quick, efficient, and positive experience for our students during the pandemic.”

Mélanie Roussy, Ph.D, MBA, CPA, CA, Professeure titulaire

Testimonial from a lecturer

“The graders are also delighted with the Nexam experience. It helps me in recruiting graders.”

Stéphane Huard, MBA, CPA auditeur, CA

Testimonial from an exam grader

“I just wanted to tell you that I LOVED using Nexam. It’s easy to use and very intuitive. I think it’s a big plus for students (and for graders)!!”

Samuel Bilodeau, CPA Auditeur

Testimonial from a student

“Throughout my preparation for the CFE, I had the opportunity to do my simulations with the help of the Nexam platform. It is a platform that is constantly improving in an effort to meet the students’ needs as best as possible. It is also because of this platform that we were able to simulate our exams in a pandemic context. The technological support is always available in case of problems, which I greatly appreciate. I have also recently started grading simulated CFEs at Laval University, and I believe that Nexam greatly increases the grading efficiency and makes it more enjoyable.”

Océanne Guyon

User testimonial

Thank you for your explanations and your support. My experience of Nexam was very pleasant and easy to understand.

Teresa, Candidate